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some advice / help please Lock Rss

so we have been having trouble with ds1's sleep... their bedtime is between 7.30 and 8pm. Last night he was still awake at 10.30 just talking to himeself, playing with his fingers, cuddly toy etc.. he also has started coming out continually for no reason... just to stay up later...

any ideas on how to get him to sleep earlier?

i wake him at 7am each day.


Is this your 8 year old? (from your ticker thingy).
Does he do anything before he goes to bed? - watches telly, reads, plays on computer, etc?

Perhaps he needs a quiet, non-stimulating activity that will help put him in sleep mood..
He might be staying awake because this might be his down time, where he digests all that's happened during the day...

Maybe reading quietly in his room for 15-20 mins, then a mug of warm milk and bed? He could even start a journal where he writes about his day and how he felt etc, so he doesn't stay awake going over the day's events?

Perhaps even a dab of lavender on a tissue under his pillow?

Has he always been like that?
You could also get some natural sleeping stuff... Brauers do a child's sleep formula.
You can get a few different types from chemists...

Sorry, just writing down ideas as they pop into my head...

Hope you might find something in there that will help smile

I have two boys who are exactly the same and I have tried almost everything. Relaxation tapes, stories, black out roller shutters, looking at diet and considereing medical therapies.
When none of that made any difference I came to the conclusion that it was their body clock and I wasn't going to be able to change it. Their dad doesn't need much sleep either.
Now they must be in their bed by 8:30 and loose a tick on their reward chart if they get out for no reason. They are often still awake an hour or an hour and a half later.
I let them sleep as late as I can to try and make sure they get enough sleep but my oldest naturally wakes up at 7 am anyway. His brother will ofter sleep until after 8am. It is very frustrating to me as I need as much sleep as them to feel good but I can't seem to change it so I decided to go with the flow.
Hope you can find a way to work it out for your family.
thanks smile yes it is for the almost 8yr old... usually all toys are supposed to be packed away half hour before bed time and they either watch the zoo, funniest videos or do some drawing or reading till bed time...

the only time i've been able to get him to sleep earlier is if i wake him at 5am...

thanks for all the suggestions smile

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