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NZ Mums - where do I find a toddler bed? Lock Rss

My DS is 21 months old with #2 due in Feb. I am wanting to move DS to a toddler bed at some stage, but didn't know where to find one! I was wanting one that fitted a cot mattress, but is lower to the floor than the cot. A family member bought one from the Warehouse, but they don't seem to sell them anymore - only kids singles!

Does anyone know of another place that sells them? Or do most people just move straight to a low single bed?

I haven't seen specific toddler beds. There are a lot of cots which convert to toddler beds - but essentially it's just the cot with the sides removed. These can cost in the region of $400 so I would say that it is not a good investment for child the age of your son - it depends on his size but he'd probably outgrow it within two years.

And unfortunately that's the problem with The Warehouse (I used to work there) - so much of their stock is just determined by what their overseas buyers can source that sometimes they have things, and sometimes they don't! You'll probably go and buy something else now and then they'll come back into The Warehouse! smile

Places like Furniture City have children's beds (e.g. shaped like racing cars) and some of these are very low to the ground, but they fit single mattresses, not cot sized. You need a reasonably large room to put them in as they will take up more space than a standard bed.

Most people would look at moving their child into a regular single bed around the age of two (although my 23-month DD has just tried it and fell out the other night ... oooops!) so I think if I were you, I would probably consider doing this. There are safety rails that can be purchased from places like Baby City and Baby Factory if this would help.
Thanks Ladies!

If I didn't find a toddler bed, then my next option was to move to a lower single bed, although my boy is still quite little and he would look huge in it. I guess I just wanted something that would make the transition a little easier, but I know that it won't last that long before he outgrows it.

But I found one!! They are in clearance, but have some in stock at the warehouse locally for $99 - yay! They are packed away in the nursery section - it was a matter of knowing what to ask for. This way I just need to get a new mattress for bubs #2 (which I was planning to anyhow) and we are all set for another few years.... smile
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