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Single Bed or King Single Bed?? Rss

I am about to buy my DS2 a big bed and I ca't decide whether to get him a single bed or a king single bed. How do you know?

My husband thinks a king single would be too big for him and I tend to agree but we don't know how tall he is going to be and how quickly he will out grow a single bed. Plus, I am finding that it seems harder to buy bedding for a king single size rather than just a single. Anyone else find this?

I don't do we decide which to go with??
i dont think people tend to grow out bed length ways often i thought they were all the same length

any way i would just get a single bed as it would be easier with bedding and all
We went with a standard single as our kids rooms are pretty small and we figure that we will have to buy a new bed for them by the time that they are big enough to need a king single. Although we don't really see that happening! We aren't short but we're not classified as tall either(particularly DF).

Although we still spent around $700 as we want it to last too. We also chose them as they match their other Boori furniture in their rooms so we didn't need to buy other furniture to match. (Just a bedside table).

We have been looking at beds for ds1 and will be going with a king single. DH is 6 foot 2 and im 5 foot 7 so chances are he isn't going to be short and he's been 97th percentil for height since birth. When we were speaking to a sales person at 40 winks he daid obviously you buy king single sheets and double size doona. I checked out the shops because I was worried about being able to get sheets and everywhere I have looked seems to stock a good range. Hope thst helps.

We got little master a single bed. Thought it was better than a toddler bed and big enough for when he older and taller.

DD1 got a single - stumbled across an ex-display in excellent condition and really cheap - has trundle and underbed drawers which is handy. Hadn't really considered what to get her yet. DS2 has just moved into it at 22mths.

She is now 6 and recently got a Bunkers King single Midi with storge under. Also kind of unplanned but got it 2nd hand cheap. The king single has been great. When friends or cousins have sleepovers two pillows fit side by side for them. Linen has been easy - Target has a great range of KS sheets and use a double doona.

If you want to buy an expensive bed that will last and rooms are big enough, a ks will last you well - Child will look lost at first tho and linen/mattress/bed will all cost more though smile

That said a single will last into the teenage years as well.

If bedrooms are small, perhaps consider a cabin bunk (single or KS with storage drawers/shelves/desk under). Underbed drawers, trundle or bunks all other options as well.

Good luck
We got DS a king single that why he wont need a bed for YEARS!!!!! (Hoping he wont need a new one till he can buy one himself LOL)

He totally loves his big boy bed though he looks so tiny it in LOL
i guess it depends on how tall you think your kids will be and when.. my DH is very tall and our kids were long @birth and continue to be well above the 95% for theyre ages, so safe to assume that ill be looking up at them by the tiime theyre teens! we dont want to spend alot of $$ updating beds so will be getting a king single with a trundle for DS when hes out of the cot in the hope he will get longer use out of it, linen isnt too bad to find just not as much variety unless you buy online. DD has a normal single atm because i was stubborn and wanted to get her a vintage queen anne bed and dresser lol. KS are definately noticably bigger then a single.
I'd go for the single bed size too. The [url=""][color="#0000...] and linen choices available for the king single is somewhat limited. A single bed should last into teen years.
There is no big difference between single bed and king single bed. You can use both the beds whether its single or king single bed depends on age of your kids. You can choose more collection of kids beds at
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I would recommend getting a mattress that repel stains and bed bug resistant which is what i did for my little one he is 5 now and has had his mattress for 2 years now and its still like new. #waterproof
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