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nearly 2 and wont sleep HELP Lock Rss

My son is nearly two years old and use to sleep through the night.

The last two weeks have been a nightmare when going to bed he crys and during the night he is waking crying all hours of the night.

I have no idea what the problem is as when i go to him he seems fine. I'm hoping it is going to pass.

We have started to let him cry it out but this is having an affect on my other child who is at school.

Any adice would be great
As hard as it is, I would be doing what you are doing. I know when my daughter goes through a stage like that I play a bit of hardball with her and within a night or two she is back to sleeping through. If he is crying really bad maybe send in Dad if he doesn't react as much to him. My daughter always cries worse if I got in so I send in my fiance to just lay her back down tell her its bed time and then walk out. It sucks but will only take her 15 minutes or so to go back to sleep.
We are in the same boat atm with our just turned 2yr old. It's only been the last couple of nights that he's been waking up at midnight and staying awake for 3hours, then finally falling back to sleep. I'm hoping it's just growing pains, or teeth?....he's normally a really good sleeper, but just recently he's putting it on at bed time too...I'm putting it to a few things, age mostly, but hoping it's other things that will pass more quickly. I'll watch this post to get some ideas too if that's ok. Let me know if you get a breakthrough and what you did. Cheers
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