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Hi all i just have a quick question about when you took the baby monitor out of there rooms my DS is 2 1/2 and we still have it on every night for him is this going a little to far?
His room is at the other end of the house so it just makes us feel a bit better that we know whats going on

we havn't used ours since 6 months cause we kept hearing another baby (so weird considering there were none on either side of us, no idea where the nearest baby lived!) but if it keeps your mind at rest no harm in it smile
DS is 19 months old. We still have his monitor on. I figure its alright to use as long as we feel its necessary. As a toddler he doesn't have a concept of (or need for) privacy, so its not like its a breech of trust or anything.
Is he in a bed yet? If so, would he come to you if he woke up during the night? If he can do that OK, you probably don't need the monitor any more.
I still use ours, in saying that when she was about 6 months we took it out of our room and left it in the lounge up the other end of the house as I can hear her if I'm in bed but less likely to hear her with the tele or music on up the opposite end of the house, if it gives you peace of mind I'd be keeping it smile
I still use ours (DD is coming up for 2 years 2 months) and all of my friends make fun of me for it!

But, our house is very large and DD's bedroom is right at one end of it. There is no way I could hear her if I'm at the other end of the house. And if I'm asleep myself, my bedroom is reasonably close to hers but I'd still be worried that any sound that she makes wouldn't be loud enough to wake me up! If she does wake up, she usually just sits in bed and either cries or calls out "Mummy", she wouldn't actually get out of bed.
To be honest I only ever use my monitor when I'm in the kitchen cause thats the only I don't hear DS. We moved him into his own room a few weeks ago because he was such a loud sleeper he was keeping us awake. He had been sleeping through the night for over a month.
He's still a loud sleeper and I can hear him easily so it doesn't bother me. But it helps that he sleeps door open (so do we) and our bedrooms are right next to each other.

I've only ever used ours during the day when I'm unlikely to hear the baby wake. Both my girls have been in their own rooms right from the start - we weren't planning it that way, but it turns out that I am on ultra high alert mode if they are in the room and I wasn't getting ANY sleep at all!! All that said, we are in a tiny house and both girls have shared walls with our room so I hear them wake in the night without a monitor.
If I was in your position I think that I would still use a monitor as it would be difficult to hear them wake in the night without one. DD#1 is in a 'big girl's bed' now, but if she wakes in the night she doesn't get up, she just calls out, probably because it is too dark for her to find her way into our room.
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