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This is going to be a bit long, so apologies in advace, but I don't know what to do any more and I want to give you all the details to have the best chance at someone having any ideas.

DS used to go to bed at night easily. His routine was:
Brush teeth, get into pj's, read a book, have a feed, in bed, music on, asleep within 10 minutes or so.

Ever since daylight savings started/ended (whichever it is), we have been having problems getting him to sleep. I don't know if it's part of the problem or just coincidence that it started then. We did the whole slowly adjust the bed time thing - to no avail. We have put blankets over the windows to help block out the light. We have added 20 minutes of reading before tooth brushing. It has not worked.
It can now take us an hour and a half to get him to sleep. As I write this DH is in with him. It is now 8.40 and he is supposed to go to sleep at 7.

I just don't know what the problem could be. He often seems restless and I don't know why. Is he over-tired? Not tired enough? His day sleeps have been all over the place recently as well. He used to have one hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. He sometimes has this, but often will skip out the morning sleep all together, and sometimes only have one hour in the afternoon. So sometimes he is facing the evening on only one hour of sleep.

He does have fluid in his ears. I am not sure how much of a role this is playing in the problems we are having, but he had the fluid long before he started having problems. I just wish I could rule it out but his next ear appointment is on the 30th.

This is so exhausting and I am completely burnt out and I just don't know what to do any more. I am so desperate for any help that you can give.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

At his age it's highly possible he may be ready to drop from 2 day sleeps to one? That was my first thought, which may also make it easier to get him to sleep of a night? I would try for late morning though if he is ready to cut out a sleep. Also although it's daylight savings do you close all curtains so it gives the whole house a night time feel? Is his room dark enough? Not to warm from late arvy sun? Not sure if any of that helps but wish you luck!

Hi there, we went through the same thing. I also don't know whether it was daylight savings or just a coincidence! I think teething was a problem too, he was getting molars at the same time which made everything worse. Also, I found that a number of friends were going through the same thing (same age babies) and we think it could be a developmental separation anxiety thing. Lots of crying for no reason really, wanting to be cuddled or rocked to sleep.

Anyway, we just kept persisting with 7pm and he is now back to normal and back to sleeping through the night - took a few weeks. Think he just got used to the level of light. Around that time DS dropped to one sleep per day. He goes down now usually between 10am - 12pm (depending on if we are out or not) and sleeps for 2 - 3 hours. So by 7pm he's pretty ready for bed and we don't get the fussing anymore.

I really would try putting him on one day sleep, he's at the right age to start the transition, and it won't hurt to try. My son did this to us as well, i jput him on one day sleep and when it was bedtime at n ight we just put him in his bed put on his music said goodnight turned out the light walked out and closed the door, he fussed for a few days and i would wait a little longer each day before going in to resettle him but he got the idea pretty quick and now we have no issues. good luck!

Thanks for the replies smile

I was wondering if it could be partly to do with him needing to drop a sleep. It just seems that sometimes he really needs both though. I'm so confused. If he doesn't have the morning one he gets REALLY grumpy.

Any tips for transitinoing from two sleeps to one?

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

With my lil one we would try pushing his sleep by 20mins each day until he was going down at 12pm. He still sometimes will crash out on our lounge earlier than usual but it's very rare these days. If they crash out then just put them in bed and just keep going the next day. good luck!

In relation to your transition to 1 sleep a day, i would aim to putting him to sleep at a time that is between your normal morning nap & afternoon nap. you may need to do it gradually and it takes a bit out of you keep him occupied so he doesn't fall asleep. In saying this, my 2yr old keeps me on my toes and has never had a routine that I could plan around, my 1st was the routine boy from heaven. My 2yr old only has 1 sleep a day, but sometimes depending on when he wakes up depends on when he'll sleep again through the day. Sometimes its 9am, 11am, or 1pm but will always goes to bed for his night sleep at 6pm. Because each child is different, only you can judge how he'll go and being flexable is not always a bad thing. Good luck
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