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18 month perfect sleeper is now a nightmare! Lock Rss

**Disclaimer: I understanding that self soothing/crying it out isn't for everyone and I appreciate that. I'm only after solutions to help my child ease into sleep better at night time since this massive change in her sleep behaviour. I'm not looking for criticism on my choice of sleep training for my child. Thanks smile )

My DD will be 18 months old in 4 days. She has been the perfect sleeper since she was about 6 weeks old. Sleeps through the night, self settles, goes down easily. PERFECT! Only time we had trouble was when she was sick or teething.

She has just cut her last molar and eye tooth in the last 3 weeks (has the eye tooth just broken through and 3 points of the molar through). So that's all her teeth until her 2 year molars.

For the last 2 weeks, getting her to sleep at night time has been a freaking nightmare. We do the dinner, bath, watch the Night Garden, have bottle and then bed routine. She's tried, rubbing her eyes and is cuddly. We take her to bed and she will lay down but as soon as you walk away she starts screaming. She gets up and reaches out calling out "mummy". I'll only let her to do this for 10 minutes max before I go in and get her. She keeps crying until I bring her out of her room. After 10 minutes we try again and it's the same thing. We've even resorted to taking her for drives just to get her to sleep.

I can't keep driving her to sleep though. Not only is it creating a problem trying to get her to sleep but it's not cheap for fuel either! Hearing her call out to me is breaking my heart and I feel like a horrible mother.

Has anyone else had this happen with their child/ren? Did it stop or do you have any tips for me? Is it the 18 month old sleep regression I've read about?
I fed my DD to sleep until 13 months, so when I stopped feeding her to sleep I had to teach her to self settle but didn't want to do CC. I started off sitting next to her cot and patting her to sleep, then sitting next to her with my hand on her but not patting, then sitting right next to her but not touching her, then over time I slowly moved a little further away until I could put her in bed awake and leave her to fall asleep on her own. It took time and is not for everyone, but she is now a great sleeper and I'm happy with the way I did things. If she used to self settle it probably wouldn't take that long to get her back into it, she's probably just going through a clingy stage. Good luck!
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