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my 22month old does not want to sleep in his gro bag Lock Rss

Hi mummies.
my DS who is 22 months old was really sick with Hand Foot Mouth.
He was so frustrated in his sleep and was kicking at this sleeping bag, and would not settle until I took it off.
He is all better now, but refused to wear his sleeping back.
and the weather is getting colder especially overnight.
He is still in his cot, and tosses and turns all night.
Any one had this problem,, and does anyone have any suggestions.

thanks heaps.
It has been a while since I have posted and question on here, looking forward to you replies.

em laugh


My 20month old DS just goes into the coveralls? you know, like a sleeping bag but with legs that are usually made out of fleecy material.
I would say layer up. Maybe a light pair of pants and top with some socks over a wondersuit or go even warmer if you are in really cold climate.

Just use your judgement as you don;t want to overheat them.
Yeah my DD was about that age, or somewhere around there, when she refused to wear the Gro bag again! They suddenly realise that they can't move around as much as they like when wearing it!

Put warm pajamas or a heavyweight sleepsuit on him, and let him have a thin blanket but then if he kicks it off the pajamas will keep him warm enough anyway.

Do you plan to move him to a bed soon? You'll probably find that a duvet doesn't get kicked off as much as cot blankets, probably because it's heavier and more difficult to shift it, so that might be problem solved then.
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