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What time is bedtime on your house? Lock Rss

I put DD (2 1/2) to bed at 8:30pm, she sleeps til about 7am. Just wondering if it's too early to put her to bed?

Wow, if my kids went to bed at that time everynight & woke at 7, they'd be so ratty & hard to deal with the next day.

DD2 is in bed by 7pm, wakes between 8-9am. 2 hour nap during the day.

DD1 is in bed by 7:30pm, wakes around 7-7:30.
Both my DD's (18months & 5 1/2 years) are in bed by 7pm, usually waking between 6.30 and 7am. It's still working for us so I have no plans to change!
My Children are 6,4 and 3. The younger two go to bed at 6.30pm every night and DD1 goes to bed between 7-7.30. In my opinion 8.30 is just way too late, especially with school and kinder each day. They need as much rest as possible, and I would prefer they go to bed earlier than stay up later, I like having some quiet time at night with DF once they are all asleep.
I put DD (2.5) to bed at 9pm and sleeps until 730-8am. If she hasnt had a day nap, she would go to bed at 830pm smile
Her routine is alot better than how it was when she was younger!! wink
DS is in bed at 6pm and DD at 7pm sometimes earlier. They're ready for bed at that time though there is no way I could keep them up later. They're up around 7.30-8 in the morning.
DD is in bed at 7.30. She wakes up anywhere between 6.30 and 9 depending on how busy her day was the day before.

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

Dd's bedtime is 7-7:30pm. If she's super tired I put her to bed at 7pm but if she's not too tired, she sits up and we watch the zoo together cos she loves all animals and then straight to bed smile She generally gets up 8:30- 9am (I'm a lucky mama!)

She still has a two hour nap in the day - not sure if that makes a difference!

My kids are in bed by 7:30pm, DS and DD1 are up at 7am, DD2 is usually up by 8am.
DD (21 months) goes to bed at 7:45pm every night and usually wakes up around 7am in the morning.
Dd goes to bed at 7pm & wakes around 7.30am with a 2 hour day nap.
I usually put my DD to bed around 8.30pm. My mum is always growling at me that it's too late for a two year old. She sleep around 10 hours a night so if she goes to sleep earlier she is up at 5.00am. This doesn't really work for my family and our routine. She also naps for around 2 hours during the day and so if you put her to bed earlier she won't sleep, she'll just get up 20 times or whinge until she is tired.

Before I had kids I would have judged a mum that let her two year old stay up until 8.30pm, but now I realise you have to do what works for your child and your family. Once she decides to stop her day sleep I'm sure she will go to bed a lot earlier.

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