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27 months old - Getting out of bed after bed time Lock Rss

HI Mums

My daughter had been in her big girl bed for about 2 months and we had no problems with the transition.

Her normal bed time is about 8pm and she has a set routine of brush teeth, story and cuddle then most of the time says 'ready for bed'.
For the past 2 weeks she has been getting back out of bed and creeping slowly down the hall way...little cheeky monkey !

We put her straight back, dont engage in converstaion and within 5 mins she is out of bed again. This can go up to a dozen times.

Any suggestions or feedback you may have to keep her in bed would be greatly appreciated.

Simone smile

ur doing the right thing. u just have to keep doing what ur doing until it stops. whether it takes another week or another month. whatever u do, i strongly recommend not getting angry. that will make it into a game for her. i was surprised when my son started doing it. he was in his big boy bed for a year before he started doing it. he's stopped now.
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