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DD won't let DH put her to bed! Lock Rss

So DD won't let DH tuck her in at night. I would love to be able to say to him, time to put DD to bed now & know she's happy. Especially now DD2 is due in sep, I would love DH to do more with DD to help me out & so I cant rest at the end of the day. LAst night we tried and she screamed and cried and held on to me, it was terrible. It broke my heart & I ended up tucking her in. I feel like I tuck her in, give her kisses & cuddles & am more nurtering than DH. It's like he just pops her in bed and shuts the door, even if she's upset sad

I don't know what to do. Should I percevere and let him put her to bed so she gets used to it?

Toddlers are creatures of routine. If DH starts putting her to bed it s a break in that routine. So its all about creating a new routine which will probably take her a few weeks to get used to.

Both put her to bed for a week or so, she will get used to him being there.

Ask DH to read to her during the day so the night time book isn't strange.

Ask DH to take her to the library so they can choose some bedtime books together.

But its not really that much of a chore if it doesn't work. The bedtime routine is the nice part of the day.
As long as DH does the bath, pjs and teeth. Then you can read and tuck in together...Then DH can put away toys, do dishes and fold laundry while you rest laugh
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