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Constant waking constantly through the night! Lock Rss

HELP!!! My 17month daughter has been a fantastic sleeper (7pm to 7am) but the past month she has been up al through out the night! She was in a bed and was getting out 6+ times a night even with the rails on the bed she would find a way out! We have now got her in the porta cot to sleep for the past 2 weeks and she is still waking up multiple times through out the night! We are pulling our hair out as to what to do! We have even been letting her just 'cry it out' but still no improvement! We havent changed her bed time routine or anything else... I've even had the doc do a check up on her to make sure that there isn't anything wrong such as ear infection etc but she was all good! The doc gave us some phernergan but I'm a bit hesitant to use it!!! Any suggestions, tips, or help will be greatly appreciated!!!!
It's hard at that age isn't it as you can't ask them what's wrong.

Maybe have a read here and see if anything seems worth trying:
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