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My 6 month wakes whenever Lock Rss

My 6 month old has never slept through the night, and is not a good day time sleeper either. He usually has to be in bed around 6pm as he is so tired, but he wakes all over the show 11pm or 1pm, 4pm. And then he wakes around 5am wanting to play. Can anyone help?
Have you introduced him to solids yet?
Also it could be how or what he is sleeping in, winter time is one of those times that babies tend to get a bit messy with sleep if they are not warm enough and such!
Also they have a growth spurt at this age which can affect their sleeping patterns!
Have you tried altering his sleep times during the day and night?
If you are struggling and enjoy a good rad, im reading "save our sleep by tizzy hall" i find she has some really helpful hints on triggers for bad sleeping patterns!
Hope any of this has helped grin

Hi , i had the same thing with my one. But i started giving him bath at evening time and changing nappy after feeding before sleep. It works for me.Because baby wake up mostly when he is hungry or has wet nappy. Try this- hope it helps

I have the exact same problem with my 6month old, he usually sleeps by 6:30-7pm because he's so tired and can't keep his eyes open and has been waking up at 4:30am wide awake and excited wanting to play :/ I miss my sleep so much sad
i had same problem with my 7month old daughter i had nobo heater in her room and that still was not enough i wrapped her one night with her arms down beside her in blanket and she slept through the night i think she was waking herself with her arms moving around maybe that may help :)she has been now sleeping through for 6 weeks
Aaron if he is cold he will wake .Slepping bags have been a life saver and saddling .We saddled him till about 8 months then switch to the sleeping bags
sleeping bags are a gods send. try introducing solids. my 8 month was like that, i gave him some mash potato or pumpkin around 4pm then bath bottle and bed at around 630 and saw a big difference.
Does bubs take a dummie? Becuase he/she might be waking trying to find it, also a bath before bed is always good for them to relax. Try rubbing lavender oil or something simlur around where their head lies. When my girl was that age she was doing the same thing so i would wake her for a feed just before i went to bed, sometimes she does get up for a drink of milk but usually settles back down straight away.
I am in the same boat! We saw a sleep specialist today, I wrote down some of her tips here for a friend. I hope things get easier for you!

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my boy was the same n still wakes up every night at 2 yrs, all ii can say is that it does get easier as they get older. Now when he wakes up he just climbs into my bed n goes back to sleep, i no how hard it is but they grow out of it.
Hi there, I had a similar problem with my 6month old boy and was highly recommended to call Sally Scott who is a sleep consultant.. Who is amazing!! Let me know if you want her details, her rates are very good at $280 +gst and this is for a months consultation. The first week my boy adapted amazingly but then he got his 2 bottom teeth and got a gastro bug so it threw things out a bit.. However we are nearly back on track now. Thanks Karla
i have similar problem if any one could advise my daughter is 2 she does not sleep during the day and will not go to sleep until 7pm til 7.30pm she wakes during night for drink she would drink average 2 bottels to 4and half during night but doesnt drink a great deal durring the day at night she tosses and turns all night and her body hands and feet jerk in movement all night when she wakes at 6 am she is still very tired yawns all day long but just wont sleep she very rarely sleeps past 6 am no mater how tired she still seems to be any ideas does this seem normal she is my fifth child the others never seem to be so restless at night or wake up tired
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