Hi, I am loosing a major sleep battle with my 19month old. She use to sleep straight through 7pm to 7am but then ear infections kicked in and ruined that for us. She got gromits put in just before Christmas and that hasn't helped/changed her at all... We have been trying many of different tactics to get her to sleep through the night starting way back when she had the ear infections as we had to keep consistency when sick also. We moved her out of her cot and into a bed at 10months as she was rolling into the sides of the cot and waking up. This only helped her sleeping a little bit until she started walking. Now I am up 6+ times a night with her!! It doesn't help that I am now 14 weeks preg with our second. The docs even gave us some phernergan to try for a week to 'restart her body clock' but that didn't help at all and she even still woke during the night while on it. Her bedtime routine has not changed at all. I am at the end of my tether and really considering a sleep specialist.... Anyone got some suggestions etc to try/help out???