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Exceptable waking time Lock Rss

What would you consider as an exceptable waking time for children under the age of 5 ?
I think anytime after 7am if its before them I put them back to bed.
Hmm I really struggle if dd gets up before 7am!! Buy as dani said- there's no going back when she thinks it's wake up time so I put her in our bed with me while I wake up, sometimes I put on Justine Clarke or something to buy me more time laugh

7am would be a dream. I've learnt to live with anything after 5am, though now DS1 and 2 will come and lie with us in our bed in the mornings so while sleep is still very unlikely we have a bit more time to wake up properly before actually having to get up and we can generally stretch that out to about 6:30am.

I just try to look at the positive side. If they keep it up once they're school aged it will make the morning routine a lot easier!

ours are awake anytime from 5am which is a pain, but like prev people have said, once they are up they are up. what time do your kids go to bed? due to getting up early, ours are in bed by 7pm, earlier if required.
I dont envy the people with early rises, i struggle with anything before 7:30am haha I am NOT a morning person so i think i have bred sloths who love 12-13 hrs of sleep and normally wake up at 8:00am, if they wake before 7:30am i put them in my bed for cuddles until 8:00am

Lol, if my DD wakes before 7 i pretend its the night, feed her like i do at night time and then put her straight back in bed. She usually wakes around 8am, which is great. Can't see that continuing though, will have to see what she is like as she gets older smile I am definitely not an early morning person though, so will struggle if its anything before 7...

7am is an acceptable time. I however have to wake my dd2 up as she seems to be out of routine of late and waking anywhere between 8am and 9am but then it is hard to get her to have an afternoon nap. She used to wake up at 6am which you just need to get up with them as once they are awake there is no going back unless it is really dark and you can say that it is the middle of the night smile
mmmm I think what you would like and what you get is two different things. My eldest child who is three has always woken early. It used to be 530-6 from day dot, these days he gets up on average around 630. Where as my one year old has always slept to around 7.

I think it is different for each child!
My 2 toddlers are up 5am.
Anytime before 5am and they are re-settled (lol thats the theory) or have to stay in their room. (they have a sleep training clock - momo the monkey - and his eyes open at 5am, so they know they allowed to get up once his eyes are open)
We have tried later, but they are AWAKE at 5am.
They go to bed early (asleep by 6pm most nights) so Im ok with early mornings (as I like having the nights to ourselves)
Have tried putting them to bed later, but they still get up at 5am (but wake up grumpy)
So it works for us.
(From 5am-6am I set them up at the TV with bottles, and then I get up at 6am to do breakfast etc) grin
yay for TV.
What I think is acceptable and what happens are two entirely different things! tongue

Anything after 6:00 is a 'lie in' in our house and is 'acceptable' to me. However, I am a night owl living in a house full of morning people. Our two are usually awake for the day anytime from 5am, though we try and keep them in bed until 6, hoping they will go back to sleep. This morning however, the day 'started', at about 4:20. blink

We've tried EVERYTHING to get them to sleep longer..none of it has worked with any regularity; usually the only time they sleep late in the mornings is when they are unwell..but then we might have been up and down in the night so it doesn't really count.

If my 6month old boy wakes between 5-5:30am i feed,then put back to bed and he goes back to sleep usually, if he wakes at 6 or just before 6am i'll get him up and feed, change, play, until hess ready to go back down for a sleep, which he usually does after about 45 minutes, by that time i'm too awake to go back to bed lol. So i definitely agree that anything after 6am is a lie in smile lol. 6am is acceptable to me indeed
my toddler generally wakes after 7am so im prity lucky but he does wake earlia on occasions but i think 7am is a decent time to get up but as some of yas have said it all depends on the child smile
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