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we have just this week put our daughter into a bed and is taking to it like a duck to water!! (she is 20mths) at the moment we have the end of her cot acting as a bed rail to stop her from falling out, which she is likely to do by the way I have found her sleeping during the night, but I was wondering if anyone has used the bed rails that are recommended or if you have any other suggestions to stop toddlers from falling out of bed. The cot is a good idea for us, but is taking up a lot of room so we would like to get the cot out of her room as long as we have a suitable replacement eg. a bed rail or if anyone has any other great great ideas. One suggestion we have had is a towel or something under her mattress to elevate the mattress a little bit so she doesn't roll that side, so has anyone had any success with using this method?

Mel, SA

Hi, we moved our daughter to a bed at around 18months old - I was worried about her falling out so we bought a bed rail. She has never fallen out of bed in the 8months she has been in it so i think they are a good idea.


Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

A bed rail is the best peace of mind you can have! my daughter moved to a bed at 19 months and we bought a bed rail the same day as the bed they are only about $35-$50 and compared to the cost of a bed its well worth spending that little bit extra, most bed shops should stock them as well as the normal Kmart target big W, She has never fallen out and learned how to get in and out of her bed down the end so yes they are worth buying!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

My daughter has been in her bed for a month now. I didn't use a bed rail. I put her cot mattress on the floor (just in case) and a pillow at the edge of the bed (so it makes a right angle with her sleeping pillow). I've found that if she moves she tends to keep following the pillow around and ends up with her feet on the wall.

I have just moved Paige to a bed. I thought about getting a bed rail then decided (at present not too). She has only been in the bed since last wednesday, I put pillows on the floor, one flat one under the mattress not against the wall. So far that seems to stopped her from rolling out. I will see how it goes. The decision is up to you.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

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