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  5. 3yr old getting up 8 times overnight and then waking at 0430 every day!!

3yr old getting up 8 times overnight and then waking at 0430 every day!! Lock Rss

Hi All,

My 3 year old has for the last 3 months become a nightmare for sleeping. He is ok going to bed but then at some time through the night has a period where he wakes up and I take him back to bed and then he gets up again and so on. Last night we did this from 1130pm till 1am. Then he still gets up at 430am.

I have tried everything - not talking to him, being firm, asking him whats wrong but nothing works!!

I am exhausted and never had this problem with my 6 year old. My 3 year old has never been a problem before - please tell me its a phase and it will be over soon!

Oh no that must really suck. Has he recently been night time toilet trained? When he wakes up does he ask for anything? Does he just come into your room or call out for you? Sorry for so many questions but just need to know more so i can try to help.

My DD's a just delightful and get up no later then 5.30am every morning I hate it but it's just when they wake up and are ready for the day because they've had enough sleep and it doesn't matter if i have or not.

I hope you can get him sleeping through.

Forever, for always and no matter what

Thanks for the replies - funnily enough I didnt get back on last night because he started getting up and down again!

Tutu&Lulu - he just says he wants to sleep in our bed to which I say no! He gets out of bed every time and comes to our room.

I dont mind getting up at 430am but its hard if I have been up for a few hours overnight!

My husband is a shift worker and when he is on night duty he is worse - I think its me!!!
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