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6 Year old night waking Lock Rss

Hi, oh its been a good two years since I've had to come on here looking for guidance and help. My 6 year old keeps waking during the night and just says things like he needs to be with me, his mind won't turn off, he is scared of some silly kids TV show he saw a week ago, or he had a nightmare, and then its just excuse after excuse, as to why he can't go back to sleep. All he wants me to sleep in his room, he says he will keep on coming down to me if I don't sleep in his room, I'm worried he will wake his sister and then I'll be really grumpy with him, I try to be calm and pat him and sit with him a few minutes, or sometimes I'm so angry from being woken up that I just growl at him and tell him I'm angry, he wants to tell me all the reasons he can't go back to sleep, I walk of leave him in his room go back to mine, only to have him bolt back up to our room a few mins later, this can go on and on an on, then I try bribery, then I try threats, then I take his favourite things away, nothing works, then it ends up being an hour I've been trying to deal with him, then I'm so tired wired and wide awake, and feeling like a shitty parent, many months ago when he would wake during the night, I never gave in and let him hop into our bed, nor did I hop into his bed, I pulled out a trundle bed and slept on that next to him. So the last two nights after an hour and half of this crap, I end up pulling out the trundle so we can both get some sleep. I notice though that lying on his trundle trying to go to sleep I can hear him in bed he has restless legs, he thrashes tosses and turns, has a blocked nose, but refuses to blow it, and it does take him a good 30 mins or more to fall asleep. I don't know what to do.. I'm at a loss, I can't get through to him that he can fall back to sleep by himself without me having to be in the room.
He's a good writer, so thank you I will definatley try get him to write something down, and the worry doll is a really good idea too. Might buy him a special soft toy this weekend. I too can lie awake for a long time too during the night after waking as my brain can't turn off, funnily enough most the time when he calls me I seem to have been lying there awake myself. He falls asleep within seconds when he goes to bed at the start of the night so its frustrating he can't fall asleep that quickly when he wakes up during the night. I just tell myself it won't last forever, even if I have to sleep on his trundle bed for 2 hours a night or something, it won't be forever. Its nice to be loved and want someone to need you that much, but I really like my own bed more than the trundle.
Half the time I think I jinx it as I'm lying awake and I think I bet one of the kids wakes up and then sure enough it happens...he is well behaved at school, he definatley stays focused depending on the subject, however, but he is a fidgeter, he can't sit still on the mat, the teacher continually says to me all year, he cannot sit still on the mat, but he can sit at his desk and do an activity for an hour, but not on the mat. I did try last time some homeopathic tablets, be calm for kids and brauer sleep, but I just think I should be able to resolve this without having to resort to that now he's older. I'll check the fedup site..
Thanks Mum of 3 cuties, really helpful ideas there.
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