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Toddler getting out of bed!! HELP!!! Lock Rss

Hi I'm desperate for help! My 22mo DD is in her single bed but I'm having trouble keeping her there. I have a usual bed time routine book, brush teeth ect but after I leave her room she gets out of bed and plays in her room and trashes it. I'm at my wits end as it's taking her 2 hours to fall asleep. I'm lucky that she does not leave her room. What do I do? Do u sit outside her room and put her back in bed 20 tines. Do I let her go??? Help????
we stay with dd until she's almost asleep, but if she gets up, its 'bedtime sweetie' and I put her back down.she doesn't have to sleep, but she does have to stay in her bed (but can read or play quietly with her teddies

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