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temperature in my daughter's room 2 Rss

Hi Everyone, with the night temperatures beginning to drop I started using Dimplex oil heater in my daughter’s room and it is doing the job but only just: I have to get up at night to check if the temperature is ok and adjust the heater thermostat. The problem appears to be that the heater thermostat can regulate the heat which comes from the heater but not the actual temperature of the room. You have to turn it up when it’s colder outside and you have to turn it down when it’s not too cold. A bit of a guess-work. Sometimes the room is warm enough in the evening and heater is required to come on only later during the night. I suppose I could use a timer but then again: when the heater should come on and at what thermostat setting? One night could be warmer, the other could be really cold... Perhaps somebody is aware of a solution which would allow to set a comfortable room temperature (e.g. 21 deg C) and leave it (and avoid the hassle of adjusting the heater thermostat constantly!). Thank you, Lucy.
PS. Apologies to those who have aready seen this post. I am new to this forum and I posted it in the wrong section once before.
I use a plug in thermostat to control my oil heater. I brought it from UK but something similar should be available in Australia. You plug your heater into it and it turns the heater on and off to maintain your set room temperature. Seems to be more reliable than the heater thermostat.
Many thanks for the tip.

I have done a few searches and found a similar device which is available in Australia:

Sounds like a good idea behind it.

Will definitely give it a try.
Just be aware that although a oil heater is probably one of the safest to use in a kids room, it will send your power bill sky high smile

Aka G&L smile

Oh, hang on, are you the same person with 2 different profiles trying to sell thermostats?

Aka G&L smile

My thermostat is ET05. I bought it from
Using it here with a UK/AU adapter.
giggle&laugh wrote:
Just be aware that although a oil heater is probably one of the safest to use in a kids room, it will send your power bill sky high smile

but what are the alternatives?
Hi Lucy, Michelle,

I know this was a year ago, but if you are looking for heatermate in New Zealand, we are stocking them.

I'm at the home show in wellington this weekend with

If you mention the Huggies forum, we'll do one heatermate for $50 incl GST, normally $60 incl GST.

There is the same price as our 2 for one special (2 for $100).

If you aren't coming to the show, go to the website and enter huggies as a code and we'll do you free shipping.


Daniel -
Hi Everyone,

Sorry to bump this old topic but these guys are selling it in NZ for a reasonable price

Very informative thread.
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