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Feeling like a crappy mum :( Lock Rss

You're not a lousy mum at all! Even if your reasons are a bit selfish, I'm sure nice warm cuddles with mummy have been lovely for him too. But if changing that will make things better through the day then that is a good move. Maybe you could get up and get a drink each and have a snuggle on the couch with a fave DVD of his on or something instead?

Never ever feel like a lousy mum for getting extra snuggles with your boy! They grow so quickly you will regret not getting those extra cuddles when he doesnt want them anymore (at least thats what i tell myself!) What a special thing for him to wake up to as well,feeling safe and secure with mummy. And if it gets you extra sleep then even better. Of course if its not working for you,then stop but sounds like youre doing a great job! (im trying to do a smiley face now but its not letting me so just imagine one haha)

gosh, thats a beautiful thing to do! Not a lousy thing at all..... It would have been great for both of you, not just you. wink
Geez....I practically drag my 3 yr old into bed with me in the morning if she hasn't come in on her own...hahaha
I absolutely agree that you should make the most of it and be guilt free! When they are kids/teens/adults they are much less likely to want to snuggle in bed....grin ..........well, with you anyway....
You are definitely not a lousy mum. My ds used to wake up alot in the early hours. We got to a point if it was after 3am he could stay in bed with us. He also used to wake up during the night as well.

Its just a stage I think they can go through. Now he is almost 4 & stays mostly in his own bed to morning. I was worried I had created a bad routine with him by doing this but things have worked out.

Just enjoy the special moments like this that you can get because trust me they grow up too quickly. laugh

4 surprises. wrote:
you are not a lousy mum. My god sometimes mitch and kayla jump into bed to give me morning cuddles and they are teens!!!! I have to kick them it never ends.hahaha. enjoy them cuddles while kids are little.

+1 my son is 11 and he will still get in for a cuddle sometimes. When he was younger he always got in bed with me in the night. Just about everyone I know with kids experiences the same.
Agree with all the others! My DS is 3 and always comes in early in the morning around 6ish (however I'm very rarely lucky enough that he goes back to sleep!) and DD also comes in for cuddles before we start our day.

Your son is very lucky to have such a close bond with you and how great it would befor him to wake up next to his mum...feeling so loved and safe!
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