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2 yr old.. Big bed. Lock Rss

My des has been in a cot with no side on for about a month now as he kept climbing out anyway.
Every night he's awake until 10pm as he keeps getting himself up. We have tried not talking to him, no eye contact, tried putting him to sleep in out bed, tried treats, reading books till he falls asleep.

I am seriously at my wits end I am so tired of getting absolutely no time out or time to relax because he's up half the night.

It's been a month! I thought he would have started staying in bed by now!??!?!?
Completely know where you are coming from, but hate to say, i don't have a lot of advice bed wise. We gave up, and reverted back to a cot. Our toddler is old enough to climb out so we simply use a sleep sack (he can't lift his legs up to climb). We figured we'd try again when he is a little older.

I got this off the raisingchildrens network. We tried everything before the hard-arse approach. wink

"If your child gets out of bed

There are two strategies that can work. Choose the strategy you feel suits you and your child the best, and stick with it.

Strategy 1: Return your child to bed

Say once, ‘Dominique, do not come out again. Please stay in your bed’.
Return your child immediately, gently and calmly to bed. Don’t talk, make eye contact or reprimand your child in any way. Do this as many times as it takes until your child stays in bed.
It might take many returns before your child stays in bed. If you use this option, you’ll have to be very patient. This might not be the best option for you if returning your child to bed is likely to make you very angry or upset.

Strategy 2: Restrict your child to the bedroom

Say once, ‘Dominique, do not come out again. Please stay in your bed’. Return your child immediately to bed without further discussion or argument.
If your child comes out of bed again, say, ‘Dominique, you have not stayed in bed, so now I will close the door (or the gate). I will open it again when you are staying in bed’. Return your child to bed, and shut the door.
Ignore any further calling out.

To keep your child in the bedroom, you can:

Erect a child gate. Your child will still be able to get out of bed, but won’t be able to come out of the bedroom.
Close the door until your child is back in bed and stays there. If your child can open the door, you could consider holding the door shut until your child stops trying to get out. The advantage of holding the door is that you are still nearby to ensure your child’s safety.

If you’re concerned that your child might be afraid of the dark, install a night-light.

Restricting a child to the bedroom can be a better option if tempers are likely to be frayed. It’s helpful if there’s a risk that you might lash out at your child through frustration and anger. But this might not be your preferred option if you are uncomfortable with closing the door.

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

we took #2 approach.

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

My niece used to get out of bed and she could open the door so they used to hang a tea towel over the door then close it. It makes it difficult to open the door. Just an idea if you choose to take that approach.

I hear you!

DD2 has been in her big girl bed for .... hmmm nearly 6 months now.
every night we do the same ritual as you and it takes about an hour. argh!

I didnt have this problem with either of the older 2, so assumed it would all be fine with her as well.

Sorry i dont have any advice, just letting you know I feel your pain smile

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Wow, glad I found this post! We are having a similar issue with our 2 year old. We put her into a toddler bed around a month ago as we are expecting baby 2 soon. She was brilliant at first, then after a few weeks, figured she could climb out and open the door. She throws massive tantrums over going back to bed. We tried repeatedly putting her back in, but she kept thrashing around and ended up hurting herself a few times, so we decided to block the door from the outside using a chair. After a few goes, she gave up and went to sleep and so far, so good. I am not 100 percent comfortable with "locking" her in, but as it works and we know she is safe, we will just continue this until she decides to stay in bed every night. She has only just turned 2 and has been a brilliant sleeper for 2 years, so we have had it pretty easy until now! Hope you find a solution!

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DS1 did this too for quite a while, he got out of bed all the time but didn't come out of the bedroom luckily. We pretty much had to start ignoring him running around the bedroom, jumping on the bed etc and he would eventually just fall asleep, usually on the floor! grin If he is still napping, maybe time to cut it out so then he will fall asleep easier.

Thanks ladies. We have decided to stick with approach no one. N just keep putting him back n hopefully he'll get the idea. I don't want to shut the door as he's terrified of the dark n just get hysterical. We done that once for about two minutes n I felt so bad!!

Happy head- we were trying one idea at once for a week or so give or take not mixing them up. smile sorry wasn't very clear smile

He's still getting up but tonight has fallen asleep in is cot the last few nights he's managed to sneak into my bed with out us seeing.
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