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Breastfeeding and changing the bedtime routine for 3 nights a week Lock Rss

Hey, I have just started an evening job which is 5.30 until 11pm
I have a 12 mth old who is breastfed, generally I feed him half an hour before bed which is around 6.30 - 7pm. Now with my job I'm going to have to feed him his last feed of the day at around 3.30 as we have tea at 5 and he wont eat much if he's had a bf less than an hour before tea. So what should my husband do for a bedtime routine without a breast feed?
We are trialling just a bottle of warm water - and the bottle only to be used for bed time (he uses a sippy cup for day time water) Hubby will hold him while he has his warm water and then carry on with the routine as normal, play for half an hour, 2 to 3 books and then bed. But Im thinking because its just water that maybe we should have it closer to bedtime like 5 mins before the book stage?
Does this sound like it's going to work?
Hubby tried it last night - water 30mins before bed, but baby woke up half an hour after going to bed and then was distraught for another half an hour before going back to sleep. I feel sorry for hubby, because he would have had no idea what to do lol. Poor guy. Baby is fine today, slept til 4.30 am had a feed and then slept through til 7.30am which was great for me! Any advice appreciated.
I was about to suggest formula smile

Yeah a bottle of water isn't very filling for a baby. Give him formula or cows milk just before bed smile

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