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Night terrors- help! Lock Rss

We just went through something similar. Only thing that worked is if I took my son out into the living room and turned on the lights. I just walked around holding him and distracting him by looking out the windows and pointing at various things in the room.

THEN… I discovered if I gave him a big bowl of porridge before bed it didn't happen any more. So now I don't know if it was night terrors or hunger. He certainly behaved like it was night terrors… I don't know. Hope it gets better. x

I used to just hold Ds1 when he had them, repeating 'mummy's here, you're safe now' over and over, even if he didn't want to be held I just wrapped my arms around him firmly. It seemed to work, ended the terrors in about 5-10mins

Aka G&L smile

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