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3 years still no answers Lock Rss

DS is 3 and still has sleeping issues.
He does not go to sleep well and I think he has troubling falling asleep because it can be midnight before he gives in. He also wakes up crying/screaming and is not very easily consoled. Mostly his waking in the early hrs. of the night before 2am and it can be 2/3 times. We have some good times where he goes to bed easy but the nights are still the same. when he has bad time (every few weeks) the waking can be every 1.5/2 hrs all night. he is also an early rises between 5-6am

Im looking for some alternative advice before we head to the Dr. All the conventional advice on sleep and settling has been tried and failed to affect him. I am sick to death of the same general advice from community health. They have no other advice than what i could get out of various books and websites. Its frustrating

Pls is there anything else anyone can think of?

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

Hmm not sure because he never had a dummy.

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

That makes sense but could that be the issue if he has never relied on sucking to settle

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

That sounds tough. I would go to the doc again coz itsd not right that at his age he struggles so much.

I am going to assume since you have been to the docs he has looked at his ears, nose and throat? Dd2 is 3 and is not a great sleeper but not as bad as you describe and she had glue ear, infected adionoids plus sleep apnoia from enlarged tonsils. I had no idea she had all this issues until one night i heard her taking huge pauses between snores so took her to the gp. She used to wake up every night one or two times, now after surgery she wakes once a week so a huge improvement.

Can you see another gp? Coz maybe something causes him pain at night like heartburn or food intolerance.
my DD was the worst sleeper imaginable she only slept 3 hours a night max the rest she just cried or I had to hold her to sleep. I decided to take away her day sleep when she was 1 1/2, if she fell asleep in the car or something she gets 20 mins a day, she has a bath/shower sits on the couch to settle with us and poof she's asleep all night now, BLISS! not the best practice but I couldn't take anymore sleepless nights either and im pregnant with number 2 so I need my sleep!

she also suffered night terrors and we bought this drink from the health store which worked, they have a huge range of selection and I even put a dream catcher in her room. she now maybe has a night terror once a week if that.
My 4yr old ds has never been a great sleeper either. I can hear him any time of the night rolling around in his bed.

The only time he sleeps a bit better & this is sometimes is when he has had a big day eg. lots of running around or whatever and he is exhausted. This can go the opposite though with being overtired and not sleeping well.

Sorry I haven't got any magical answers. Just sharing what I go through. xx

I was going to say the same as Mamamum. DD had enlarged tonsils that were causing sleep apnoea. We finally had her tonsils & adenoids removed a few weeks before her 7th birthday. A few days after they were removed was the first night she had slept through smile
We are going through this with our DS1 who has just turned 2 and never been a good sleeper and wakes crying/screaming too. Plus is up at 5/6 am which isn't ideal. It's good to hear about sleep apnea as we believe ours could suffer from the same thing. Our dr is a bit useless and hasn't referred us on to anyone after many times of mentioning it. Does anyone know can you see a paediatrician directly about this or do you need a referral. We have health ins too.
Have you asked him what the matter is? Being 3 years old he should be able to communicate with you and give you an idea of what's bothering him. It could be a dust mite allergy or maybe the room is too hot/cold. Maybe look at rearranging the furniture in the room (this may sound corny but look into Feng Shui). Is he afraid of being in the dark by himself? Is his bed/pillow comfortable? Is there anything in his life which may contribute to having bad dreams or night terrors? Diet?
My DS is almost 21 months old and we recently had a 6 month period where he would wake in the night crying or would be tossing and turning constantly and then wake really early for the day (5-6am) however this was due to constantly catching a cold or a bug from day care as well as teething.

I hope you find out what the problem is, it's so distressing when they don't get the sleep they need.
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