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nightmares Lock Rss

my DD has nightmares and we just leave her to it until she wakes up on her own then we deal with it. we have gone to wake her before and she freaked out and threw a fist so never gona make that mistake twice =)
My kids do that when they have a night mare. I usually just gently pat their back and tell them I'm there. That usually enough to snap them out of their dream but not enough to wake them up.
DS was doing that for a few nights in a row a few weeks back at 1.28am each night. The first night I ran in as he was shrieking & I have never heard him like that before. I made the mistake of picking him up but he didn't recognise me & was screaming louder & hitting/scratching me. That night I turned the light on & he suddenly snapped out of it & then cuddled me sobbing. The next few nights I tried to just sit with him & pat him but that didn't work so I set my alarm & went in a few minutes before the time & made sure his blanket was on, he had his dummy & I just rubbed his back & they stopped smile
My wee man started being noisey in his sleep at a couple months old. Could be crying grizzling babbling etc and I hate to say it but ive always had nightmares or really weird dreams my whole life, I'm used to it now smile
I hope he doesn't have them like I do though. I wouldn't wake them but reassurance when they do wake that all is well and its just a dream/not real etc
How old is your ds?
My children have night terrors after eating artificial food colours. If they go to a birthday party, eat rubbish, we're guaranteed a crappy night! Even some brands of ice cream contain an additive they're sensitive to. 160b is terrible!
Hope you can find out what's causing it smile

I am kitty wink

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