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10 week old waking every 5 mins!! Rss

My 10 week old son wakes every few minutes during his day sleeps. I had him in a bassinet and rocked him to sleep (normally falls asleep quickly) but he wakes up a few minutes later - then I will rock him again and he will fall asleep and wake again after a few minutes and so on and so on. I ended up sitting next to the bassinet the entire time. So I decided to stop the rocking and moved him into his cot where I settled him to sleep with a bit of sssshhh-ing and patting on the bum when he cries etc... but same story... he wakes up every 3-5 minutes.... after the first 20 minutes he will sleep for a bit longer (max 20 mins) and will wake again on the 45 mins sleep cycle. This is driving me mad as I am spending just about the entire day trying to resettle him to sleep. Any ideas on why he is waking or how I can get him to stay asleep?? Thanks

Thanks for the reply Mimsy. That is what Im doing to get him to sleep... I hold him until he is drowsy then put him into the cot while still semi-awake... he normally cries a bit but I can settle him in the cot or otherwise I pick him up, cuddle, and put down again when he stops - have to do it a few times but he normally falls asleep within 10 minutes BUT he never stays asleep... he will be fast asleep for 5-10 minutes then wake up. Then I resettle him... he will sleep another few minutes and wake up again and so on. No idea why he keeps waking!?! At first we thought its wind but it happens with EVERY nap so it has to be for another reason... after the first 20 mins passed he goes into a deep sleep but then wakes again at the 45 mins cycle-thingy sad
He normally starts yawning after 45 mins and gets grizzly, crying etc after an hour... so I try and get him to sleep just before then, and he falls asleep easily. When I say he "wakes up" he doesn't fully wake - he will keep his eyes closed but will cry and wriggle around... but its obvious that he still wants to sleep - he just has some difficulty soothing himself back to sleep. He still gets the "startle / wake reflex"... Ive been wondering if that can wake him up?! (he is swaddled which helps). Hopefully just a phase smile
What happens if you just don't go in and re-settle? Does the crying ramp up or do you think he might just cry a bit then get himself back to sleep?
Have you tried a dummy?

Thanks for all your advise! He just starts crying (propper crying) but never opens his eyes - so luckily he stays sort of asleep... if i sssssh and pat his bum he normally goes back to sleep for another few minutes... this goes on for about 20 minutes and then he will go into a deep sleep for 30-40 mins (like Mimsy explained). If I don't resettle him he will go from crying to hysteric crying. Mimsy did your DD eventually stop waking up after the 10-15 minutes when she got a bit older?
He had a dummy for 2 weeks but it was even worse... he still woke every few minutes but then will cry and be wide awake once realizing that his dummy fell out and he often didn't go into a deep sleep at all.
Hi Mimsy. Ive read that they aren't very good at self-soothing / settling at such a young age so if I am managing to get him to sleep in his cot now (vs. on me / in rocking chair etc) it should only get easier as he gets older (?) - that's what I am hoping for anyway wink. I bought the "love to dream" swaddle thing which I also find really good... he still sucks his fingers with it on but cannot hit himself with his arms that is sometimes still flailing all over the place. Thanks for your help. Sounds like I should just persevere with what I am doing and things will come into place eventually smile
Frustrating isn't it. DS2 went from having great sleeps to suddenly being terrible like you say he would be fast asleep for like 5 minutes. His naps ended up being between 20 - 45 minutes for quite a while. I think they need to learn to self settle, as it seems at the moment your DS is relying on you being there patting and shushing to get back to sleep. Have you burped him really well? I always found things worse when his tummy was a bit upset.

At first I did think it was wind but it can't be if it happens with EVERY nap... + its always the same pattern. Same as your son, he use to sleep really well during the day - at least 1.5 hour with no worries... this just suddenly started at around 6 weeks old.
Yeah 6 weeks is when it all went wrong for us too! Does he do it if you go out with him in the buggy or in the car? Are you following some sort of feeding/play/sleep routine with him?

When he gets tired in the buggy he will make his tired noises / cries but wouldn't fall asleep - he will just get more worked up and eventually cries hysterically... I will have to pick him up and hold him a couple minutes to fall asleep and put him back... then he will sleep for 45 mins before waking. In the car he will fall asleep if I put him in the car seat sleepy and drive immediately or sit at the back with him... he still wakes every few minutes but will resettle by himself (if the car is moving!). He often wakes up at red lights and will fall asleep again when I start driving.
I do the feed /play/sleep routine... it works well i think.... he feeds every 2-3 hours, awake 45-75 mins
Hello, I'd be interested to know if & when your baby stopped doing this??? As I have an almost 10 week old that does this 3-5mins for every day nap at home with eyes closed crying & squirming.. car is ok if we are moving & not stopping to lift capsule out.. Pram and carrier will do about 20-30 & then wake for 15mins & then go back to sleep..
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