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What age did your child drop day sleeps?HELP PLEASE :-/ Lock Rss

I feel like my son is too young to be dropping day sleeps sad hes 2 in July so nearly 22months & the last fortnight hes had like 3x day sleeps, hes so tired in the afternoon so I feel like he still needs them! He generally sleeps a good 12hours at night (I can hear him sometimes but not enough for me to get up just him getting comfy etc) I havent started doing anything different so no idea whats changed. He dropped to one sleep early at around 11months so does that mean hes early with this too? I am 5months pregnant so desperately hoping its just a stage! Im exhausted & dont even have the other baby yet arrhhh. Any tips or tricks? xx
Well, my eldest was 4 when she dropped her afternoon nap, but her sister dropped hers at the same time and she was 2. So I think it varies for each child.

How would he go having quiet time instead? So give him a pile of books on his bed and tell him it is time to relax and just have a bit of rest, not necessarily sleep, but just rest.
Wow thats quite a difference! He will play in his room, he is still in his cot but is moving to his 'big boy bed/room' soon so I guess then that will keep him occupied longer as he will have toys to play with.walk around etc if that makes sense? He is/has been really well behaved even though hes super tired so Im really thankful for that smile Thanks x
DD1 stopped having consistent day sleeps at 13 months. She'd have the odd one/fall asleep on the couch etc but you never knew which day would be the day she'd suddenly have a nap again. I did 'cuddle time' with her where we'd curl up on the couch and watch a movie or read a book together etc. It gave me a bit of a rest time still and she seemed to like the fact that I was taking that time out and just 'sitting' with her too (we'd play together but there was something different about just sitting with her). Sometimes she'd fall asleep cuddled up to me but not that often. I also did the 'quiet play' thing, sometimes I'd go up to check on her and find her asleep, other times she'd be up all afternoon. I did find that I had to bring her dinners forward so that I was ready to feed her dinner earlier than I used to or she'd fall asleep having dinner but we adapted smile. Thankfully DS made it to 2 before he dropped his day sleeps and, so far, DD2 is still having a nap so I'm hoping to keep her having day naps for a while yet.

Yer close the door in his room, take out all toys and insist he sleeps, I still insist and shes 3 and ahalf , she needs it if she does not have it she throws tantrums for hours
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