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Day time sleep Lock Rss

Not to long ago I have put my 21 month old into a bed. Some say I have done this way to early and some say that iv done the right thing. What is done is done now. Although he challenges me with settling for night time and getting up early. We are slowly getting better at this. Which is fantastic. But now my issue is.. daytime sleep. At first I seem to manage to get him down ok. But recently he is fighting it. a friend suggested I wait till he is exhausted. But not only des it seem mean he becomes very naughty and hard to handle when over tired. I have tried locking him in his room. but I don't want to make his room a jail. I want him to feel safe and happy in there

Does anyone have any tips.

Ebony Gabbott

Can you go and lie down with him until he's almost asleep or read a story to calm down?
I do this sometimes with DS (he's just turned 2) as it can take a bit longer to wind down some days. If he's resisting nap time then I explain to him quietly why it's important to have a sleep and usually he'll lie down without a fuss. His room also has blackout blinds and this helps him go to sleep quicker and he stays asleep for longer. I also make sure he's eaten something before bed as it can help to settle him down too.

I agree that you shouldn't lock him in his room. The whole point of sleeping in a big bed is so that he can get up by himself and it also may be that he's excited about being able to do this.
Hopefully it's just a phase so best of luck smile
I make sure he is well fed and nappy dry. I usually sit with him and have some quiet reading time to get him to relax a bit. Sometimes he almost nods off on me. But as soon as he on bed hes up either screaming at me the cheeky monkey laughs at me and just climbs out and runs off. I used the method I use for night time and that hasn't worked so far. Lying down with him hasn't worked coz he just gets out and runs off.

I did think he was changing his ways. But I always see clear signs he is tired. IM hoping its just a phase. Next thing to try is black out curtains. fingers crossed

Ebony Gabbott

Sleep school we did , dd still goes to bed sometimes once or twice a week with attitude , she went through a stage like a whole month of not wanting day sleeps. I dont care she needs them.if she does not we end up sith non stop tantrums that night. So before she gets over tired put in bed, maybe try toddler bed, limkt toys and have wind down stories ect good luck
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