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18 Month old waking 3 times a night wont settle without bottle. Lock Rss

Hi all, I havent written in here in ages but I am now in some serious need..... sad
My 18 month old has, over the past month, learnt he can climb out of his cot so never stays in bed for naps and has steadily increased night wakings since he knows he can get out.

For safety sake we've put him on a trundle bed without wheels so the base is on the floor, and he absolutely loves it, but there has been no change to the night wakings and we are up to 3 a night!

Hoping this was just a phase - we have been giving him a bottle to get him back to sleep but now I'm sure he is just waking up for the bottle. sad Yes Im an idiot for deluding myself here..... smile

So the help I am after is people experience that has worked for them :
1. To keep an 18 month old in bed
2. How to get him to sleep without having to give him a bottle.
3.Also do you think taking turns who gets up to him affects his sleep?

We did use VR technique when he was younger and he had been sleeping great until I started working nights and my husband found it easier to feed baby to sleep with a bottle and then put him to bed!! grrr. all my hardwork down the drain.

I like the VR technique but am not sure how to apply it in this situation because he will keep getting back out of bed everytime I leave the room.

A bit about baby - he goes to bed around 7-7.30 every night, he eats heaps and drinks a lot of water during the day, he has one nap at around 10-11am every day for 30 mins to 2hrs and 15 mins (which a bottle is now needed for him to sleep because he just doesnt stop for anything else), he used to wake between 6 and 7am but slowly got earlier and earlier, and just before he was climbing out of his cot he was waking around 5am but we could VR back to sleep and he would sleep til 7am.

Well there we go, sorry for the novel.

Thank you in advance for any answers.

Would you consider putting up a child safety gate infront of his door so that if he does get up he still cant leave the room. We did this with my son who is now 2 and he still gets out of bed sometimes and he might cry for a few minutes but he will fall asleep, infront of the gate on the floor how ever. Most days he will ust stay in bed however and this has worked well for us. Another thing you could try is putting him in a sleeping bag that zips up on him. this stops a lot of moving. Worked for us to until he figure out how to open the zip.

Yes a baby gate is the next on our list, not so keen to have him sleep on the floor as it gets quite cold here in the mornings (living in rural Otago) but we will tackle that when it happens smile

He does have a zip up sleep suit, but hes figured how to undo the shoulder domes and climbs out the top!!

We are currently giving a bottle half an hour before bed then reading books and sitting with him quietly (on a chair or beside the bed) until he falls asleep.
When he wakes during the night (still 3x) we go in and sit with him to make sure he doesnt get up and he falls back asleep with a wee few tears - sometimes screaming - but within 15 to 30 mins.

I dont know how this is going to work though, but so far at least we have sorted the night feeding and falling asleep on the bottle.

I just dont see any end to the night waking sad

My dd2 was exactly the same! Try the baby gate- this worked well for our dd1, unfortunately dd2 figured out how to open it so it didnt work for her, instead we would sometimes lock her door and she would fall asleep on the floor but i hated doing this it just didnt quite sit right with me. In the end out of desperation, we took her to a sleep consultant/child psychologist and she assured us locking her bedroom door wasn't going to scar her for life and within a week or 2 or doing it she started getting back in her bed and going to sleep on her own, in our case we just needed to be consistent. So we would warn her and she would get one chance then we would shut the door .
I have since discovered 'Houdini Door' latch things- these would have been perfect if I'd seen them earlier so that could be an option?
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