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  5. My 6 week old son will only settle and sleep.on his tummy.

My 6 week old son will only settle and sleep.on his tummy. Lock Rss

Help and advice needed... my 6 week old son will only sleep on his tummy hes been like this since about 4 weeks.. prior to this he just didnt settle well... I would always put him on his back swaddled... and hed sleep for a short time then wake up... causing me to get very little sleep.. one day I tried putting him on his tummy and he settled right away and slept for 2.5 hours soundly... im in a panic every night as I know the only way he will settle and sleep is this way... im constantly checking on him... he has a very strong head and neck..moves from side to side with ease... but I'm still stressed as I know this is considered a big "no no" help!
Yep some kids don't want to follow the rules! My son was like that too, so I bought a motion sensor and put him in a cot (the motion pads had to be on a solid flat surface). Mummy and bubby need sleep too!
Could he have a sore tummy. I found my daughter would settle on her tummy to so during the day when I could watch her I would pop a small rolled towel under her tummy and she would have a great sleep. When I bathed her I put her on her tummy and found she was really gassy so started to bath her every night where she constantly popped off and made sure I burped her really well after her bottle and before putting her to bed. She settled great on her back when I did this. This only lasted a couple of weeks.

Good luck!

One of my twins did the same he would only sleep on his tummy.... I was forever checking on him to make sure he was ok..... Turns out he was 14 months later he still will only fall asleep on his tummy..... We have too many rules to follow I think do what is right for him.....
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