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Falling out of bed!!! Lock Rss

My daughter will be 2 at the end of the month and transitioned to a toddler bed a couple of months ago with no worries at all (as I am expecting 2nd child in a wk). She was always a big mover in her cot (I'm talking upside down, across ways, everything) so I was concerned but she moved into the bed fine. The only thing is she still moves around so much that she falls out at least once a night, sometimes she doesn't cry out & I just happen to check on her & she is on the floor still sleeping. The toddler bed has a small rail along half the bed but this obviously hasn't helped. I have avoided adding an extra rail as if I do this, how will she ever learn to stay in bed?! My concern is with the new bub arriving I won't be getting ANY sleep with feeding the new bub & getting up to put my 2 year old back in bed. Does anyone have any tips for me?!
We used a bed rail for my daughter when she moved into a big bed. The other side was up against the wall, she was also a big mover. Once we took the side off she never had any issues, she was a lot older though. You could always pop a mattress or pillow where she falls off so atleast she has a comfy landing? But I think over time she will get used to there not being an edge to hold her in. Good luck with the new little one! smile
They do eventually get used to not moving around as much. We actually have my ds2 in a trundle at the moment but will use a rail once he moves to a proper bed. I would just make sure that you have a soft landing for her

I've heard of some people putting a "noodle" - long round skinny things use to float at swimming along the side to help, a rolled up towel or something similar would prob do the same thing. Sounds like she's a pretty heavy sleeper tho so dunno if this little obstacle would make touch difference!?
I would put up another rail. She's not even two yet, plenty of time to get used to a bed. Plenty of kids are in cots until they are 3 or more.
DD2 had a wedge under her fitted sheet until very recently and she is 4.5. She actually asked me when I was going to take it away, lol. I was just so used to it being there. In the weeks following I have only picked her off the floor once.

Someone gave me some advice once. That was not to push your first out of 'baby' things too quickly. If they are secure in a cot, in a high chair and in stroller it makes getting thing done so much easier.

Right now both you and dd having a good nights sleep is invaluable with a new bubba imminent.
All my kids went into a big bed around the 2 year mark. My DD was great never fell out. But we did have the side off the cot from about 22 months with her. With the twins they went into big beds when they were about 21 months old. We got the double bed rails for them. Beds not up against a wall. It worked really well. They also moved around a heap in the night. By the time they were about 2.5 or 3 years old they did not need them any more. But for the price of around $50 each it was well worth the great nights sleep for us.

Good luck. She will get used to being in a big bed and will fall out less as she gets older.

I would just put something soft for her to land on and give her another few weeks, she may just get used to it. In the meantime can your partner be on toddler night duty if she is upset? After new baby arrives and if she still falling out perhaps look into getting bigger bed rail, perhaps a friend may have one you could borrow.
Hope this helps.
My twins are 3 and they use the toddler beds as well. They dont regularly fall out but every now and then they do. Only a couple of nights ago I was downstairs and heard a huge thud and my dd had fallen out and was crying.
I use a double doona on their bed, I just change to light weight during Summer and I tuck it in all the way around so if they roll they cant actually fall out, I just tuck it in further down in Summer so its only really waist down and they never fall out when I do it this way. I also do it like that when we go away and they are in a single bed as its further to fall.
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