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16mth old head banging, body rocking in cot at night Lock Rss

Hi there!
I am wondering if I can get some suggestions or help! My son has been body rocking (on all fours) and banging his head in his cot, so badly and constantly that we have moved him into a mesh sided porta cot. Sometimes he is completely asleep, other times, he is awake.
He now sits up with his back against the side and bangs his whole torso backwards. He generally does this 2-3 times per night. Sometimes he has lost his dummy and sometimes not. I'm trying to get him out if this habit!! Any ideas??? Thanks
My bub was similar. If a baby has been rocked to sleep previously they can sometimes resort to this behavior to make them tireder at night and help them get to sleep. Banging his head may just be a 'consequence' of the soothing action bub feels when rocking. If the head banging was hurting your son he wouldn't do it.
If your child is starting to stress about losing his dummy during the night then it may be time to wean him off it. It will be a hard week for both of you but will be worth it when he starts sleeping again.
Good luck.
Hiya, my son was a head rocker. He would lie on his back and rock his head all the way from side to side vigorously lol. It was just how he liked to put himself to sleep. He did it right up to about age 3-4 years. Now he jiggles himself to sleep. His dad does the same - does my head in lol.

My son needed motion to fall asleep even as a tiny baby so I guess it's just what soothes him.

Nothing you can do about it I don't think! Good idea putting him in a soft portacot - at least he won't hurt himself smile

Our baby kept bumping his head on the hard cot bars and we brought these fantastic Pure Safety Vertical Cot Liners. They zip onto each cot rail, so there are no dangerous ties etc
Hope that helps x
My DS is the same way, Lisa. When I'm putting him to sleep I place a pillow next to him and sort of lay on that, so there is a bit of distance between us.
Also, Mel, have you tried giving them a blankie or lovey of some sort to "play" with? Something that's not too interesting, but will occupy their hands. I give my DS a blankie and he plays with it a bit before going to sleep.
My son was always doing the same + plus getting his arms and legs stuck through the bars.

After many many sleepless nights - which were unbearable as he would end up hurting himself every 10 mins or so, and then being so completely overtired during the day- we decided the cot had to go. So we sold it and since then he has slept in his travel cot.
So when he wriggles and flings his arms, legs, head and body just boing off the mesh sides and he doesn't even notice, plus as they are mesh he can breathe through them when his face gets near.

Safe and sound, and we are happy as a parents.

Good luck!
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