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  5. i cant get my toddler to get himself to sleep and stop waking up during the night.

i cant get my toddler to get himself to sleep and stop waking up during the night. Rss

I cant seem to get my son to fall asleep on his own, during the day I have to hold him till he falls asleep. I do breastfeed at night but he constantly wakes during the night to be in my bed and a feed. I want to stop but how do I teach him to just fall back asleep?
How old is your toddler?

I was in the same situation. I breastfed my son to sleep and every time he woke up from birth until about 22 months and he often woke ~5 times a night (up to 10-12x as a baby!). At 22 months decided I needed to do something about it as not having success trying to conceive so implemented a strict bed time routine of stories in bed, then water for my son (plus he pretends to give it to his toys). Then we'd lie and have cuddles. For a couple of weeks I gave him milk but always stopped before he was done. If he cried I'd let him have more but then stop again so he wasn't able to fall asleep feeding. Once he was used to that I then tried to offer water instead of milk to get rid of milk from his bed time routine. Again if he cried I'd suggest water but if he really wanted milk I'd not refuse. After a few weeks he was occasionally falling asleep without milk and i started offering water then cuddles in the night rather than milk. Initially just before mid night then I moved it to 2 am then 3am etc progressively increase the time I tried to avoid milk. I was suprised how quickly he went from waking frequently to sleeping through once he stopped having milk. Now (at 25 months) I still give milk but only after 5am and he sleeps through until then. I'm thinking of pushing it to 6am.

I'm not going to say it was without any tears but I genuinely believe he was never distressed only unhappy not to get what he wanted immediately and to be honest I wish I'd cut the night milk sooner. Lots of people said to do it but I always thought that we needed milk to get him to sleep because he was such a bad sleeper but with hindsight it actually made it worse as he was dependent on it to fall asleep.

My suspicion is that it doesn't matter how you do it but stopping milk at bedtime and at night will improve things.

Hope that helps.
Make sure your baby finishes her last feeding of the evening before she drops off to sleep, and that she’s getting enough to eat throughout the day too.
You have not mentioned the age of your child. I usually suggest a gentle and gradual elimination of night time feedings. Try pumping after your day feeds and use the bottle for night time feeding. You can take a help of your hubby in this so you will get some much needed sleep.
If he is more than a year old, let your baby to cry for some time, he/she might just give up and go back to sleep on his/her own after a few minutes. May be he has started considering breastfeeding as pacifier for him. You are not alone for concern, all parents suffers from this phase.
Sorry, hes 15months old. I'll try what you've suggested and see how it goes.thanks
I have a 2year old who won't sleep in her own bed she wants to be near her mummy I think it's Bcos I'm pregnant I've tried everything from leaving her in her bed n walking away n she just follows tried water instead of milk but she always wants me even if we are just walking around the house she always wants me to carry her and sometimes it makes it so hard when I'm trying to do things sad
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