Hi Guys,

So I have 3 boys. My eldest will 4 in a couple of weeks and I have 19 month old twins. The youngest of my twins has not slept through the nice since he was 3 months old. On a good night I'm up 3-4 times, on a bad night I'm up 10+ times. He wakes up screaming as though he's in pain, he trashes, bangs his head against his cot and hits his ears.
He had a lot of ear infections and started teething at 3months. about 2 months ago he had grommits fitted but they haven't helped.
I can usually get him back to sleep with a dummy or bottle. Worst case he comes into bed with me - but these only work 50% of the time sad

I've tried cows milk alternatives, thicker in his bottle, removing wheat from his diet - so far nothing.

on bad nights I do give him painstop, or panadol which calms him and sometimes he will then sleep though.

Hes also just started to get hysterical when he has his evening shower - which came out of no where as he use to love the shower.

we are on the waiting list for tresillians and we also have a referral from the ENT clinic for a pediatric clinic later this month.

has anyone had anything similar? I refuse to believe that he's had night mares since 3mths!!!