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What to dress my toddler in at night Lock Rss

I was wanting some advice on what to dress my toddler in for winter since it's starting to get a little cold.

She is 13 months old and tosses in her cot a lot at night so she won't keep the blanket on.

Last winter she was only a baby and was swaddled and slept in sleeping bags. I'm not sure if she's too old for sleeping bags now or if they go up beyond age 1.

At the moment she's sleeping in a bonds suit with a singlet underneath but I think it's getting too cold.
I'd like to keep her in onesies since she tosses a lot I don't want her pajama top riding up.

Any suggestions for warm onesies would be great.
My 21 month old still uses sleeping bags. He's still in a cot and not able you'll blankets on him self. he's only a size 0 so I'm not sure how big the sizes are. I hope you can get bigger ones as he uses it as a comfort thing as well
My son was still using sleeping bags at age 1, even though he was able to walk by then and stand up.
I personally bought him a size too big, because it meant if he woke up and stood up in his cot, his feet werent so restricted and he was able to do so safely.

The other option is to just dress her in singlets, socks and a onesie, and heat the room with a a safe heater during the night.
Thanks for the replies smile
I think I will buy a few sleeping bags, that was my main concern was when she wakess up and tries to stand up in the mornings in a sleeping bag but a size up will work
We are in Queensland so it doesn't get extremely cold (well it feels pretty cold to me lol) but she's started at daycare and keeps getting colds! So I want to keep her as warm as I can at night.
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