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Breastfeeding 2 year old not getting enough sleep Rss

I am looking for some useful and supportive suggestions smile I am still breastfeeding my daughter who turns 2 soon, she is my third child. My older two had weaned by now and were "self-soothing thumb-suckers." My almost 2 years BF's for comfort and although I am quite happy to continue to BF'd her I am concerned that she isn't getting enough good sleep at night, and that the breastfeeding prevents her from being hungry enough to eat proper meals - dinner is the only meal she is ever really interested in. She will often feed 2-5 times in the night and because she spends so much time awake in the night (and so do I!) she is often ratty and tired in the mornings and wants to go back to sleep by 10am. We have recently stopped feeding to sleep, now we feed, cuddle, put music on and she goes to sleep in her cot. If she wakes at night I still feed her back to sleep. I have considered night-weaning but what if that doesn't stop her waking - at least feeding her is a reliable way to get her back to sleep in the middle of the night..... Would love to hear if anyone else has been in the same situation or has any suggestions smile

I was in the exact same situation at 2 with my son who was waking 3-5x per night to feed.

What I did was start setting boundaries at night about when I would feed him. Initially I just fed if he woke after 10. A week later I made it no milk unless it was after 11. I kept moving it back by an hour every week or so until we got to him only having milk at going to bed and waking up. Initially it didn't mean he didn't wake up but he quickly learnt other ways to fall asleep (after a lot of cuddles and tears!!!). After a few weeks he just started sleeping through as there was no point waking up. We then dropped the going to bed feed quite easily as he was already used to settling without milk. Dropping the morning feed happened at about 2.5 and was very hard. Ultimately only happened as I got pregnant and my milk dried up.

It's really hard and I was always skeptical about night weaning him but to be honest life is so much better now and I wish I'd done it sooner. Can't guarantee it'll work for you but it did for us. He had never in his life slept through the night until he was weaned.
Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions as we are not there yet. I must say though the above reply gives me hope for the future. Ds is 14 months and we cosleep from about 10pm onwards and he breastfeed pretty much all night. It does my head in but nothing else keeps him asleep, we've tried it all, even sleep training didn't work. If he were two and we were able to slowly reduce feeds it would be amazing. I just feel he doesn't have the understanding for us to do this yet, he just gets hysterical immediately if I don't feed him. I find it all very hard so it's nice to read others stories of how it's changed as bubs gotten older smile
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