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Help - Toddler wont sleep / stay in bed and has 5 bottles a night Lock Rss

Hi All,
I have a 2 .3 year old boy who is in a big bed. He has never been a great sleeper but over the past 3 months he is the worst. He takes an hour to 2 to put down (he just cries and walks out of bed), he will only settle if I am lying next to him giving him cuddles, which with 3 other children we don't have time for and I don't like this anyway. Then he wakes at around 10ish anyway and comes in to our bed demanding a bottle. He will then wake for around 3 to 5 bottles a night. The bottles I now give him only have 100ml of liquid in them. A dash of milk but mostly water. I even give one just water and he drinks it during the night ok. he doesn't go down for his day sleep or night sleep with a bottle, he doesn't have a door on his bedroom. If I lock him in he just scream the place down and wont settle until I am lying next to him. I am wondering if he has attachment issues or is just having us on. Any advice is greatly appreciated as we are tired, unhappy and desperate.
You poor thing - it's exhausting when your kids struggle with sleeping. They mostly don't do it the way we would like them to. You have two choices. You can put all your efforts into making this work so that he sleeps in his bed with no bottles, and that will take several nights at best of letting him cry and refusing to give in. Continually putting him back to bed when he gets out. He is two - he wants/ needs comfort and he will do his best to get it somehow, either with your presence or a bottle, or both. He doesn't understand/care that you have other kids and you want him to just go to bed and sleep and leave you be.
Your second choice is giving in to his needs, lay with him and give him the hugs he wants, and let him in to your bed to cuddle him in the night when he wakes up however many times that it. Yes, he will love it and that is where he will be for the next couple of years. So - you have to do what you are prepared to do. Tough love seems to work for many people, and then they get the peace they want. For me, I could never be tough enough so I laid with mine, and patted and sang, and breastfed and all of that so that I never let them cry.....and mine all slept with me and I got enough sleep to copel He will grow out of it, and soon that precious little boy won't want you to cuddle him to sleep anymore - and maybe you will wish he did!! It's all hard and so exhausting. good luck
I just wanted to add I'd go with the first option the lady above has given. I need sleep and cannot cope if I don't I'm a much better mum for it during the day . So both options are good don't feel like your a bad mum if you go with the first its for your sanity too . I remember plunket saying he's doing it out of habit now and that's when I thought nope this will not be habit and a few hard nights later I get 13 hour sleeps now. Do what works for you
Getting your toddler to have a healthy sleeping pattern is tough. My son initially had a lot of trouble sleeping but then I got help from a newborn sleep specialist He sleeps better now. I have heard that massaging your baby before going to sleep usually helps. You could give your child a 15 minute massage using slow strokes,moderate pressure and baby safe oil.
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