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Favourite toy/comforter Lock Rss

Just curious as to when your children got attached to a favourite toy/blanket and was it something you wanted them to get attached to or their own choice?
I have a 1 year old who has only just discovered her soft toys and she loves them and seems to have a few favourites but the one i want her to have as a favourite which has been in her bed ever since she came home from hospital (taken out at night when too little obviously) just doesnt seem to make the cut and im devostated
When my daughter was a baby she became attached to the tag on her blanket. She would rub it against her lips as sort of a comforting thing.
My precious daughter got attached to her plush turtle, which is also a star projector (second here Can't say I'm happy with it, since it have batteries and such, but she certainly adore the plush parts of a toy.
But her first favorite was a silk pink ribbon my mother gave her. She liked to grab it with her little fingers wub
It depends. Some kids get attached at a very tender age while it takes some time for some. I think my kid got attached at about 15 months old. We got her a good projector that's not too expensive from the here:
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