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hi, my little boy is 20 months old and has not slept through the night in a while. he will go to bed with his bottle and lay down and drink it. but the only way he will stay in his bed is if i am in the room sitting down next to the bed. once he is asleep, i leave and he will sleep from about 8 till 12-2am and then he will not go back to sleep unless he is in my arms.

I have tried everything i can think of. i even changed him from a cot to a big bed as he seems to sleep fine when he was in a bigger bed. but nothing has worked and i am at a lost. i do not get much sleep after he is in bed with me and my partner as he will sleep right on top of me. i have tried putting him back to his bed after he falls asleep but its not long before he wakes up again. the only way he will sleep is if his in bed with me.

i would like some advice as i dont want him to be in bed with me and develop more of a habit of sleeping with us..
This is not uncommon at those ages. Sometimes it seems like it will never end and then, one day, it just does. I think the best thing for most parents is to be patient and don't put too much pressure on yourselves
Have you considered that maybe something is waking him up at night? Make sure he goes potty right before bed. And white noise can be great for keeping kids asleep. Because sometimes the slightest sound can wake them up. And then maybe a special blanket or a toy he can hug when he wakes up.
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