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night terrors and nose bleeds Lock Rss

When my 4 year old nephew wakes half a dozen times through the night sometimes it is night terrors and other times he is fully awake when he does it, he screams and screams and we try to calm him with rubbibg his back and being very soothing and then he just lies and sobs, he has now started to get very bad nose bleeds at night time as well. His mother does not seem at all concerned about this , but myself and my other sister are very worried. Has anybody any suggestions?

4 wonderful children

Hi Olivia
Sounds terrible the poor kid does he have any food issues(allergies) ? My DD screams with tummy pain and headaches when she eats something that worries her somtimes in her sleep and sometimes she wakes. Might be worth writing down what he eats for a few days and see if there is a pattern. I also wondered if changing bedrooms might help maybe there is somthing in that room that bothers him. Dont think iam crazy but there are more things out there than we know about and kids are really open to different energies good and bad (boy I do sound nuts LOL) I had a cousin who swears his imaginary friend stood at his bedroom door and protected him of a night. Just some ideas

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

The poor little thing has had a very unsettled lifestyle moving from house to house and his mum and dad have broken up twice and are currently seperated, again.........I am sure there are alot of underlying issues with him and that is why I am more concerned than normal, the problems happen when he stays over at my place (which he calls home) and at my other sisters house. I would not be so concerned if it did only happen when he is sleeping over at someone elses house, but he apparently also has them at home.

4 wonderful children

Their is nothing you can do about someone elses child unfortunately. Even when it is family.
Night terrors could be from being over heated and causing nightmares. Very common.
Nose bleeds are sometimes from high blood pressure and might be hand in hand with being over heated and worked up from the nightmare???

mum of 3

hi there.
my son who is now six has had night terrors since he was two. he has seen many doctors and go's to specialist all the time,he also has adhd and aspergers autism and they just say it comes with the things he has wrong with them.i dont think that is the case. if i knew i would love some info as to why this happens as my son gets up at least two or three times a night and for the first couple of minutes hes screaming and saying all sorts of things that we have no idea about but he also says things that you dont think he remembers like my husband and i got married when he was two we got married on a large river cruiser and he still remembers it like it was yesterday(sometimes his night terrors scare me)its very trying when this happens as they say not to wake them and talk quietly to them untill they start to respond then guide them back to bed .he never seems to remember them .

if any one else have some info on this topic it would be great as his terrors seem to scare the other children as well as they dont understand

thanks hope to hear from any one with any suggestions or comments


(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

I have done some research on night terrors, and from what most of them say is not to let them get too tired, calm them before bed time with a book and burn or rub them with lavender and chammomile. Keep them dressed in light weight clothing so as they don't over heat. When they do have a terror do not wake them and do not try to restrain them with tight cuddles as they will only fight you and get more upset, speak calmly and most of all be patient.........Here are some interesting links:

4 wonderful children

The poor little thing! How scary for him sounds like he is haveing a rough time I dont know how developed he is at 4 but if he speaks well maybe he needs to talk to a kids councellor about whats happening at home We all know how hard it is for us when relationships break down imagine how confusing it is for a 4 year old it probly plays on his mind all the time Good luck I will be thinking of him.

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

my son who is now 9 suffered with night terrors from age 1.5. At age 7 saw a sleep dr who said vety easy to cure! just slightly wake him up half an hour afetr he hoes to sleep, just enough that he moves or rubs eye etc... Do this every night for amonth & no more night terrors! well after having them fow so long thought no way , well 2 years later he is still cured only took a moth no medicines nothing how easy... alot of other drs said cant be cured etc well they are.

kathy17mth boy

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