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Falls asleep on bottle day and night Lock Rss

My 15month old son falls asleep on the bottle at his 1pm sleep and at his night sleep. Any other way is very difficult to get him to fall asleep. Should I be giving him the bottle at an hour early before bed time and let him cry himself to sleep?

Marie, NSW, mother of 3 angelic boys

My 18month old does that almost every night... We used to pray he would sleep on the bottle, because he gave us trouble falling asleep. For the last month though he drinks his milk on my lap & then turns into a comfy position on me and falls asleep. So if something works for you... keep it up! There is no right & wrong.

Good Luck

LC, NSW 18month old son

my 21month old son refuses to sleep at day nap and bed time un less hes being fed AND held/patted etc. im thinking of cutting all his bottles loose and dealing with a week long tantrum! who knows... if only they'd come with an instruction booklet!!
My 19 m/o son does this too. But as far as im concerned THIS IS OUR routine. And it works...

man child is growing up too quickly!

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