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Falling asleep behind the door Lock Rss

Hi, I have finally got my girl used to the idea that she has to go to bed without her mum by her side! YAY! Only problem is that when she goes to bed I have to close the door otherwise she comes out all the time and she falls asleep behind the door.
Short of cutting the door in two so I can open the top half to get in, is there any ideas on how to move her away from the door, or anything that I can put there so it is easier to open when I go in later on? Anyone else had this problem? Maybe we can shoot ideas off each other!

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Hi this hasnt happened to me yet but a friend of mine has a similar problem. She has put a child safe gate at her door and now her little girl knows its bed time and doesnt get out of bed .Hope this helps
We use a safety gate in the door way, we have done this since we moved our son into a bed, this has worked well for us as he cant get out of the room at night, but we can get in when we need to.
i also dodnt like the idea of having the bedroom door shut as he was only 12 months old at the time.

Sarah, Kai 14 months #2 due 17th december.

hi there i have that problem with my 2 year old and he shares a room with his big brother but yep he falls asleep behind the door through the day i have no idea what to do about it and i know how hard it is to get in there and move him from behind the door and its even harder for me atm because im pregnant and about to pop. so sorry i dont know what to do either.

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