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"One sleeper a dayers" - wake up ? Lock Rss

Hi there

I'm thinking of transitioning DS - 15 1/2 months old - to one sleep a day. I'm concerned that it may not work due to his wake up time being anywhere between 6-7am.

Out of curiousity, what time does your toddler wake and what time do they take their nap? How old is your toddler?
My DS went to 1 sleep around 17 or 18 months (cant really remember!) When he first started he would wake up 6.30-7 and i would put him down 3 hours after that... once he got used to it he was sleeping 2 - 3 hours regularly, and his wake up time changed to 7.30. at first he was going to bed at 6.30pm but once he got used to it when he was 20,21 months I stretched him out to 4 hours up and he now does that well and goes to bed at 7pm. It took me quite a while to get him used to it... and sometimes at the start he would have a real short sleep, and it would be a really really long afternoon!!! He is now 24 months and is still up for 4 hours before going down and sleeps 2 hours every day. They are all different tho so go with whatever works for u...

Suz, NSW

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