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Waking twice a night! Lock Rss

My son Lachlan is 17 months old and up until 3 months ago he slept all night through from the minute he was brought home. Now he is waking twice a night. He wakes between 1-2am and again between 5-6am. I have tried settling him without a bottle but he will only go back to sleep with a bottle. I despiratly want him to sleep through the night again as I'm losing alot of sleep and I'm not used to it. Can anyone give me any suggestions????

Please help!

Thanks heaps,


Hi there,

My daughter is also 17 months. She has always been a pretty good night sleeper. So when she started waking up during the night when teething it was a bit of a shock to the system like with you! Is Lachlan teething? We found that when teething with molars the only thing that would help Lara was Nurofen. Sometimes she would still wake during the night & not settle without a bottle (tried everything else first of course). Once teething is over we generally have a couple of nights of getting back into the old routine (waking & re-settling on her own) before things settle down again. Hope you get some sleep soon!
Hi, my 17 month old is waking a couple of times a night too. The times are pretty hit and miss but she will wake at least once during the night and need to be re-settled. I try to let her cry herself back to sleep and if she hasn't gone in 10 minutes (which feels like forever in the middle of the night by the way!), I go to her. Most times I need to go in, give her a quick cuddle (but I dont get her out of her cot), tell her to lay down, I repeat my goodnight mantra and then I leave. It seems to be just a security thing and my boss told me she had the same issue with her daughter. Once she knows I am still there she's fine. At the moment, its not too disturbing so I am going with it. If it starts happening more and more I will need to reassess my plan of action!! Because she settles so easily I know it is not her teeth....but next week it could be so you always have to be prepared!
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