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I need some advice PLEASE Lock Rss

My nearly 12 month old daughter still wakes once a night and won't go back to sleep unless she has a feed. She IS genuinely hungry. I tried reducing the strength of her bottle but she then wakes up twice as she is still hungry. I keep giving her snacks through the day to build up what she eats. PLEASE tell me - will she eventually sleep through consistently (she once did it for 5 nights in one week), or do I have to do CC to teach her. I really don't want to have to do this as I don't cope at all with her crying when I know she is hungry. Also, she always goes to bed awake, talks to herself and goes to sleep so she is a self settler.


If you read my other post in the feeds during the night then no they will never sleep thru. But everyone is different. I have heard of the bowl of weetbix in the middle of the night. If this doesn't wake bub up to much?? Might be abit more solid for the tummy to rumble on during the night. You will likely find bub will be going thru a growth spurt of some sort and in a months time she will be 2cm taller or similar


have u taken her to the doctors and see if she has worms that might be the problem or have you tried putting farix in her bottel that might work. do you give her bottel in bed and let hr hold it that might help other then that im out of ideas

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

Hi there, one thing that I have learnt in the 18 months my daughter has been around is that they get VERY good at manipulating you! They dont do it to be naughty, its just how they learn cause and effect and its totally normal. At 7 months my little one woke 5 times a night until I couldn't take it anymore and CC her. We have never looked back. Of course you have your bad nights every now and then and that's going to happen. My clinic nurse told me that nutritionally they shoudn't really need a feed after about 6 months, they just associate a feed with getting back to sleep. I am speaking from experience here! Having said that, I know this isn't the same for every child but it may help you get your head around the idea of letting her cry herself to sleep. Plus, anything done more than twice with them becomes a habit you have to break. But obviously if they are sick or teething the rules are different and when they are well again, you need to re-train them to settle themselves again. It never ends! Learn how to do it properly and be confident in yourself. It will only work if you are truly ready to do it and it sounds like you are. I hope this helps but with any advice, you have to do what you feel comfortable with. Whatever gets you through the night I say! Good luck!
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