Can't believe I am saying my four year old "won't go to bed" - who is the boss on this family???? He has his own room (and a younger brother who goes to bed about 7.30pm each nite in his own bed and room) - but after his bath he will drift between his room and the lounge room until normally between 9.00am - 10.30pm!! Of course it is then hard to wake him up in the morning if I have to get off early to take them to school and me to work - is there any way/trick I can use to make him go to sleep earlier?? In his earlier years he was such a good child to put to bed - I think it is ever since his brother was born - at that time we had a two bedroom house and they had to share a room - and because his brother was a very light sleeper we put Jack in with us - we have since moved to a bigger house enabling them to have a room each but Jack just won't go to bed!!!!! He has a TV in his room - is that a bad move? Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can help!