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sleeping the night without waking for the breast and to sleep n his own bed Lock Rss

hi i have a 14mnth old boy who sleeps with me in the bed,eversince he was born i had a hard time getting him to sleep and to settle as he was always crying.all he wanted to do was sleep on the breast,i had a nurse come to my house and she said he is to attached, i have tried to put him in his cot awke it will not happen. so i put him in there asleep and hill wake up terified ill try to resettle him but it will not work he wants to be with me in dat he is older he wakes up more than 5times at night wanting thre breast just as a dummy.

does anyone have simillar situation or advice please tell me
cheers mervet


hi there...i think we may be in the same boat here!! My son is now 13mths & still waking during the night, still a b/f bubba which i was hoping he'd be off by then - however not quiet there yet. He has to be asleep b4 i put him in his cot & that doesnt last long either - his cot is right next to my bed making it easier for me to tend to him at night, still not sleeping thru the nite - sometimes 3 times, if im lucky twice - he just uses the breast for comfort more than hunger....i have tried to rock him, hold & walk with him, alsorts but with 2 primary sch kids & a daddy who needs to be up at 5am its pretty hard to let him cry long during the nite so i give in & on the breast he goes - otherwise i have the whole household up at 1am not in a good mood. Now its too the point of "what do I do now" - I would luv to have him off me fully...during the day if hes kept busy i hav managed to cut the feeds just struggling at nite time.

Shez, QLD

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