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Hi, i have a 17 month old daughter and she says mum, dad, started to say hello then stopped. At what age do they usually start to talk more? i talk to her a lot, read books, but do not know how to get her to talk more. any suggestions?? am also expecting again in late october, any tips out there on how to handle a toddler a newborn and lack of sleep that i know will come!!!

chris, qld, 17mth old and expecting

Akina is going to be a late talker. She has a highly developed sign language system and has been more on the slower side of average for everything else so I am not at all surprised. She is 22mths and her words come in spits and spurts. she also "forgets" how to say some words and then a month or so later she remembers. She was abit of a one word wonder to start with. Around 2 is when they should really start saying heaps more words and I think heading toward 3 before proper sentances. Keep reading books. I was told to sound out the words and really encourage her that way but she would just look at me like I was an idiot! Try keeping a list. I often forget words that she knows, she also knows heaps of animal sounds but not the animal name - does that count as a word?


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