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First night in the big bed!! Lock Rss

My daughter (14 months) is having her first night in her big bed tonight!

We set up her new room on the weekend but put the cot in there too so that we could resort to that if the bed failed.

We have bought a king single bed with a single trundler bed underneath and my husband told me to make the king single but I preferred to do the trundler thinking she would feel more comfy in it as its lower to the ground. Not so. Every time we've put her in it she has screamed and screamed and we've had to put her in the cot.

Tonight I asked which bed she wanted to sleep in and she tried to climb up on the king single (not easy in a sleeping bag!) so I put her up there and put the duvet on and she cried a little but was turning her head away from me so I left the room and within 10 minutes she was fast asleep! Obviously she wanted the real thing and not the in between!

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hi there we have put our 13 month old in a single big bed for the fisrt time tonight so far so good let u know how it was

How did your night go in the big bed??

We are going to put by son in the big bed at the end of July..

Would like any tips you may have.

We are in the middle of painting the room so when I put him in the big bed. Hopefully the smell has gone.

All the best.

Katia and Daniel (17months old).

4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

My son (23-months) has just spent his first night in his big bed - went into it with no troubles. He looked so cute in bed too! Now I just have to teach him to not wake at 3 in the morning for his milk and I'll be set for the next one (due in February!)

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I put my 14mth old boy on a trundle for the first night on friday it went well. Then saturday he would have a nap in it. But hedid go to sleep in it at night just fine. but the 2 last night he is waking up around 4-5 in the morning. very unusual as he normally sleeps in til 8am.

i dont know what to do. its like he was having a nightmare or something. im not sure. he went for to naps in there just fine today.

maybe its just cos he is cold... i don't know


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